This is a method of forcibly ending a session that is being locked.



ALTIBASE HDB version 4 or later



It must be performed by accessing the sys account.

1. Check the table name, transaction ID, and lock type in v$lock.

 Select a.table_name, b.trans_id, b.lock_desc From system_.sys_tables_ a, v$lock b 
 Where a.table_oid = b.table_oid;

2. Use the trans_id obtained above to find the session.

Select session_id, execute_flag, total_time, execute_time, rpad(query,400)  From v$statement 
Where tx_id = trans_id obtained from above;

3. Use the session_id to check the session information.

Select comm_name, client_app_info From v$session 
Where id = session_id obtained from above;

4. Disconnect the session.

iSQL> Alter database mydb session close session_id; 
For mydb, open the $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/altibase.properties file as the database name and check it by setting the DB_NAME item.
Enter the Session_id as well as the session_id obtained above.



-A session in which rollback is in progress is not disconnected even if session close is performed, so must wait until the rollback is finished.

-For information on the above v$ view OR SYSTEM_META_TABLE column, refer to the Admin manual.