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This error occurs when there is a bulk modifying operation.

This error message applies only to memory tables. 


In Altibase, this error occurs and the ROLLBACK is executed for the corresponding transaction when the number of redo log files due to bulk transactions exceeds TRX_UPDATE_MAX_LOGSIZE (The TRX_UPDATE_MAX_LOGSIZE property restricts the number of log files created by a DML statement.).


If the transaction has to be executed with a single query only, the user is advised to change the property in a session level as follows.

However, the user should remember that the number of redo logfiles will increase and this might cause a disk full error. Also, when executing bulk operations, an X lock is acquired in a table to prevent resource increase due to MVCC. Thus, caution is advised that any SELECT or DML statements might have to wait for an X lock to be released.



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