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All the versions of Altibase


The biggest difference between In-Memory-based DBMS and Disk-based DBMS

As an Altibase Hybrid DBMS, it supports both In-Memory DB and Disk-based DB.

  • Differences from Altibase HDB's In-Memory DB
    1. When operating DBMS, the location where the database resides is different.
      1. In a disk-based DBMS, the entire database resides on the disk and the necessary data is cached and managed in the memory buffer, whereas the in-memory DBMS is managed by residing the entire backup database on the disk in the main memory.
    2. There is a significant difference in performance.
      1. Although almost the same in terms of functionality, in-memory DBMSs are about 4 to 10 times faster than disk-based DBMSs, depending on the operating environment.

      2. Altibase HDB is divided into three methods: Memory Only, Hybrid, and Disk Only, and five virtual simultaneous transactions that meet TPC-C standards.
        As a result of measuring online transaction processing performance by combining (order transaction, payment transaction, shipping transaction, order status transaction, stock level transaction), it showed higher performance than Disk DBMS.


C model of the benchmark standard that measures the processing performance of an online transaction processing (OLTP) system




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