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When changing the size of the disk tablespace data file, you may encounter the following error message.






The above error message occurs when the size of the data file with the AUTOEXTEND OFF attribute is changed larger than maxsize.

The autoextend attribute and set the size of the data file can be checked with the following statement (on if autoextend is 1, off if 0).

Data files with autoextend on automatically increase their size up to maxsize, so there is a difference between the initial setting size (INITSIZE) and the maximum size (MAXSIZE).
However, the maximum size (MAXSIZE) of a data file with autoextend off is set equal to the initial setting size (INITSIZE).
Because of this, if you try to change the size larger than the maximum size (MAXSIZE), the above error may occur.



After changing the AUTOEXTEND property of the data file to ON, you must proceed with the data file size change operation.
Follow the steps below.



In fact, data files with the autoextend off attribute only make sense for the initial set size (initsize).
When the autoextend off clause is included in the CREATE TABLESPACE statement or the ALTER TABLESPACE statement, the nextsize and maxsize clauses cannot be used together in addition to the size clause.

When used together, an SQL statement error occurs as shown below.

ALTIBASE HDB 4.3.9 lacks handling of this.
From ALTIBASE HDB version 5, this restriction is reflected, and the maxsize of the data file with the autoextend off attribute is set to the OS file limit value.

With this change, unlike 4.3.9, maxsize is output as 0 when searching v$datafile,

The OS file limit can be checked with ulimit -a.



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