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5.5.1 or above


Unable to connect to database.


2. Altibase port or connection method (TCP/UNIX/IPC) is incorrect or is blocked by a firewall. 



Clean up unnecessary IPC sessions


    Check the IPC session information from V$SESSION and clean up if there are unnecessary sessions connected, then get another IPC channel and re-connect.

2. Increase the IPC_CHANNEL_COUNT.

    If necessary, increase the IPC_CHANNEL_COUNT of the Altibase server.

    This is followed by restarting the Altibase server. 

3. Check the connection URL or the firewall policy.


<How to change the IPC_CHANNEL_COUNT>

Search the IPC_CHANNEL_COUNT from $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/, then change it and restart the database.


5.5.1 or above.