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If this error persists, find the client that is attempting to connect, then re-install reinstall it with a version compatible with the server. 


If this error persists, find the client that is attempting to connect and re-install reinstall it with a version compatible with the server. 1.

  • For ALTIBASE HDB 5.3.1 or below, the cm protocol version of the server and client must be identical for the client to connect to the server.


  • For ALTIBASE HDB 5.3.3 or above, backward compatibility for the server and client is supported.


  •  The client can connect to a server of the same or newer version regardless of its cm protocol version whereas, connection fails if the client is of a newer version than the server.


  • In this context, the first three numbers of a product version are denoted as the version (the fourth and succeeding numbers which indicate the patch versions are irrelevant).

# How to check the server/client version

  • Server version
  • Panel

    $ altibase -v
    version XEON_LINUX_redhat_Enterprise_AS4-64bit- (xeon-redhat-linux-gnu) Jan 5 2010 21:17:22, binary db version 5.1.2, meta version 5.3.3, cm protocol version 5.4.5, replication protocol version 5.2.1

  • Client version
  • Panel

    5.3.1 or below

    $ sesc -v
    SES C/C++ Precompiler 3 Ver XEON_LINUX_redhat_Enterprise_AS4-64bit- (xeon-redhat-linux-gnu) Jan 5 2010 21:17:22
    5.3.3 or above
    $ apre -v
    Altibase Precompiler2(APRE) Ver.1 X86_64_LINUX_redhat_Enterprise_ES4-64bit- (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu) Mar 20 2014 18:19:25

  • Using the JDBC driver
  • Panel

    $ java -jar $ALTIBASE_HOME/lib/Altibase.jar
    JDBC Driver Info : Altibase Ver = for JavaVM v1.4, CMP:7.1.1, Mar 20 2014 17:07:25

  • Using the ODBC library on Windows
  • Panel

    Altibase Installation Directory (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Altibase\altibase-server-6.3.1) -> lib Directory
    altiodbc.dll -> Properties -> Details -> Product Version



Server Version

Client Version



Server Version > Client Version 
(5.3.3 and or above)




Backward compatibility is supported for 5.3.3 and or above.

Server Version > Client Version 
(5.3.1 and or below) 




Backward compatibility is supported only if the version of both the server and client is 5.3.3 and or above. 
Since the client version is older than 5.3.3, backward compatibility is not supported. For 4.3.9, connection succeeds only if the cm protocol versions are the same.

ServerVersion < Client Version 




If the version of the client is newer than the server, connection fails regardless of the Altibase version. 
The version of the client must be the same or older than the server.