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About this document.


This document explains how to terminate a session in ALTIBASE HDB.

Applied to

4.3.9 or later


Administrator's Manual


You may want to terminate an ALTIBASE HDB session in abnormal behavior. In order to terminate the session, you have to connect to ALTIBASE HDB as SYSDBA.


Only SYSDBA can terminate a session.

  1. Connecting as SYSDBA
  2. Finding the session identifier which you want to terminate.
    Assume that there is a session connected from "", and you want to terminate that session.
    The session identifier which you want to terminate is "5".
  3. Terminating the session.
    You can use the query below to terminate the session by specifying the session identifier.

You can terminate the session #5 and verify that is terminated as shown below:

If an active transaction is running on the session, ALTIBASE HDB rollbacks the transaction before terminating the session. Therefore, sometimes, terminating a session may not work immediately.

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