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How to check

Data file addition or change time information is not recorded in a separate performance view or v$datafiles. However, if the QP_MSGLOG_FLAG property is set to record DDL statements, DDL statements are recorded in $ALTIBASE_HOME/trc/altibase_qp.log, so this file can be opened, and the changes can be checked in the datafile.


This is supported by Altibase HDB version 4.3.9 or later.

How to change properties

Change the setting value of QP_MSGLOG_FLAG so that DDL can be logged in altibase_qp.log. One of the following two methods can be used to change the method.

How to use the ALTER SYSTEM command

If the user changes it by using this method,  the value of the property can be changed without restarting the server. When the server is restarted, the default value is restored. To keep the changed value even after the server is restarted, the property change value must be applied in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/ file.

iSQL> alter system set qp_msglog_flag=2;

Alter success

How to reflect in the file

1) Add the following line in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/ file.

QP_MSGLOG_FLAG = 2 # 2: DDL logging

2)  Restart the ALTIBASE process.

shell>  server restart

3) Check if the changed value has been applied.

iSQL> select name, value1 from v$property where name='QP_MSGLOG_FLAG';


Starting from Altibase HDB version or later, the default value of QP_MSGLOG_FLAG is 2, so all DDLs are written to altibase_qp.log by default.

How to check logs

When a data file is added with the alter tablespace ~ add datafiles statement, the following log is displayed in altibase_qp.log.

[2013/11/27 14:10:57] [Thread-1094719840] [Level-2]
[EXEC_DDL_BEGIN : alter tablespace TEST_TBS add DATAFILE '/altibase_home_533/dbs/test02.dbf']
[2013/11/27 14:10:58] [Thread-1094719840] [Level-2]


If the user uses the following syntax, the following will be the result.

shell> $awk '/DATAFILE/ {print last " : " $0}{last=$0}' altibase_qp.log | grep -i 'add'
[2013/11/27 14:10:57] [Thread-1094719840] [Level-2] : [EXEC_DDL_BEGIN : alter tablespace TEST_TBS add DATAFILE '/altibase_home_533/dbs/test02.dbf']


However, since it is a method of grep-ing the trace log file, the history that is old enough to be deleted from the log file cannot be found.


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