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This document describes how to check the contents of the stored procedure.



All the versions of ALTIBASE HDB


How to check

There are two ways to check the contents of the stored procedure.

  • Use meta table
  • Use aexport utility


Using meta table

After creating a user-defined procedure using the meta tables SYSTEM_.SYS_PROCEDURES_, SYSTEM_.SYS_PROC_PARSE_, use this to check the contents of the stored procedure.

How to create a custom procedure

  • Stored Procedure for User-Defined Function Output

  • Stored procedure to check the contents of the stored procedure

How to Execute user-defined stored procedure

  • Check the list of stored procedures and user-defined functions


  • Check the contents of the stored procedure


    iSQL> exec showProcBody('USER_NAME', 'PROC_NAME');

Using the aexport utility

aexport is a utility that saves database object creation statements to a file. After performing aexport, the contents of the stored procedure can be checked in the created file.

Execute aexport - all objects

  • The creation statement of all stored procedures can be checked in ALL_CRT_PROC.sql among the files created after executing aexport.


Execute aexport for each user

  • If the user executes aexport after entering the database user name in the -u option of aexport and the password of the user in the -p option, only the object schema owned by the user is extracted.
  • For the stored procedure information, refer to the ALL_CRT_PROC.sql file.
  • How to execute

Execute aexport for each object

  • The object option allows extracting only specific object schemas. This option is available as of ALTIBASE HDB version 5.5.1 or later.
  • For stored procedures, values can be given in the format -object user name.procedure name.
  • As a result, a file with a name in the form of user name_procedure name_CRT.sql is created.
  • How to execute

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