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This document explains the procedure for changing the password of the sys account.



ALTIBASE HDB version 4 or later



To change the password for the sys account, follow the three steps below.


1. Execute the alter user command

Connect to the Altibase server as the sys user and change the password with the alter user command.


2. Execute altipasswrd

Execute while the Altibase server is online.

Example of executing altipasswd

altipasswd is...

  • When the ALTIBASE HDB server is in shutdown stage, it checks the sys account password by referring to the syspassword file. 
  • Executing altipasswd changes the syspassword file. This file is located under the $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf directory.

3. Modify the script containing the sys password

The three scripts below contain the sys password.

So, when changing the sys password, these scripts also need to be modified.

  • server script
    Change the password after the -p option in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/bin/server script to the new password.

  • ls script
    Change the password after the -p option in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/ script to the new password.

  • il script
    Change the password after the -p option in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/bin/il script to the new password.


What to do if an "Invalid password" error occurs when starting the server

a. Open the $ALTIBASE_HOME/bin/server script and check if the password has been modified in the lower part.

ADMIN="${ALTIBASE_HOME}/bin/isql -u sys -p manager -sysdba -noprompt" ISQL="${ALTIBASE_HOME}/bin/isql -s localhost -u sys -p manager -silent"


b. If an invalid password error occurs even though the above a is applied with the changed password, it is possible that the sys password was changed only with the alter user command and altipasswd was not executed.

In this case, execute altipasswd, apply the changed password, and then try to start the server.


Privileges Management


DBA Privilege Management (System Privilege Restriction)

ALTIBASE HDB does not have the same function as Oracle's Role.

Check the privileges of the database user and delete any unnecessary system privileges.

How to check

Checking the system privileges the user has

How to manage

Remove SYSTEM privilege



With WITH GRANT OPTION, the user who has been granted object access privileges can grant the appropriate privileges to other users, so object access privileges can be abused without DBA management.



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