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The following pages cover the errors that you can encounter while dealing with Altibase. With this list, you can fix or work around error messages.

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Page: make Cannot find a rule to create target connect1.o from dependencies. Page: ERR-0106B The session has been disconnected by the client Page: ERR-01044 Client's query exceeded in the execution time limitation Page: ERR-01050 License File does not exist Page: ERR-01067 The memory size allocated for the statement has exceeded the maximum limit Page: ERR-0108D License invalid or expired Page: ERR-0109D Insufficient memory Page: ERR-11030 The data file cannot be extended because the requested size is bigger than the maximum size (262144 pages) Page: ERR-11036 The data file is in use Page: ERR-11041 A deadlock situation has been detected Page: ERR-11049 Too many pages were allocated Page: ERR-1105D Unable to begin a new update statement Page: ERR-11058 The row already exists in a unique index Page: ERR-11075 The transaction has exceeded the lock timeout specified by the user Page: ERR-11118 The update log size '10485760' is bigger than TRX_UPDATE_MAX_LOGSIZE Page: ERR-11123 The tablespace does not have enough free space Page: ERR-11098 smERR_ABORT_BackupLogMode cannot be executed in no archive log mode Page: ERR-110AA Duplicate tablespace names Page: ERR-2100D Invalid length of the data type Page: ERR-21010 Value overflow Page: ERR-21011 Invalid literal Page: ERR-21013 Calculation stack overflow Page: ERR-31088 A replicated table must have a primary key Page: ERR-3109F REPL sender failure to handshake with peer server Page: ERR-311E0 The estimated size of the index key exceeds the maximum limit Page: ERR-31283 Unable to create a primary key or a unique key constraint in the local non-prefixed index Page: ERR-40029 Failed to invoke a system function, flock_trywrlock() Page: ERR-4102C Incompatible NLS between the client and the server Page: ERR-41047 The transaction is already active Page: ERR-41059 Task pool overflow Page: ERR-4109C invalid session property Page: ERR-410CF Too many statements have been allocated to this session Page: ERR-410D5 Client unable to establish connection. Page: ERR-7101d Protocol header error Page: ERR-51039 Invalid Protocol Page: ERR-51043 Communication link failure Page: ERR-6100D Sender failed to handshake with the peer server Page: ERR-61035 Receiver - An update conflict occurred Page: ERR-61100 rpERR_ABORT_RPC_DUPLICATE_REPLICATION Duplicate replication names. The replication name already exists in the database. Page: ERR-71018 Failed to invoke the read() system function Page: ERR-71019 Failed to invoke the write() system function Flush protocol failed. Close connection Page: ERR-91020 No Connection State Page: ERR-9103D Data parsing error - LineXXXX Page: ERR-201436 The number of host variables exceed the maximum limit (1024) Page: ERR-11025 The data file already exists Page: ERR-11027 The data file does not exist Page: ERR-11035 The tablespace does not have enough free space Page: ERR-11136 The LogAnchor file already exists Page: ERR-135181 Invalid data type length Page: ERR-266300 Request of fetching data to an unprepared SQL statement Page: ERR-266447 mmERR_ABORT_TOO_MANY_STATEMENTS_IN_THE_SESSION Page: ERR-31020 You cannot execute DDL on a replicated table Page: ERR-3103F No DDL statement is allowed to be executed on a replicated table Page: ERR-311B1 The user must have SYSDBA privilege(s) to execute this statement Page: ERR-312C4 Cannot execute this DDL on a replicated table when the system property REPLICATION_DDL_ENABLE is 0 Page: ERR-1051 Memory allocation failed Page: ERR-0001c Unable to shutdown the communication channel Page: ERR-01002 Invalid character in use Page: ERR-01027 No more IPC channel Page: ERR-0109F Library file for external procedure(function) not found Page: ERR-11009 Failed to invoke a system function, shmat() Page: ERR-11107 smERR_ABORT_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_CUZ_VOL_MAX_DB_SIZE Unable to create the tablespace because the database would be larger than VOLATILE_MAX_DB_SIZE Page: ERR-11118 The update log size '…' is bigger than TRX_UPDATE_MAX_LOGSIZE '…' Page: ERR-31233 The fixed record size exceeds the page size Page: ERR-31240 Invalid request to process SQL statement Page: ERR-4105A Several statements still open Page: ERR-410B7 Invalid size of data to bind to a host variable Data Size Page: ERR-51024 Different protocol versions Page: ERR-5102E Invalid cursor state Page: ERR-51041 Indicator variable required but not supplied Page: ERR-5104F Communication link failure. Page: ERR-5105A The connection does not exist. Page: ERR-52027 String data right-truncated Page: ERR-61001 A conflict occurred while executing the received statement Page: ERR-61016 rpERR_ABORT_RP_SENDER_MAKE_XLOG Sender Failed to make an xlog Page: ERR-61023 rpERR_ABORT_RP_REPLICATION_DISABLED Replication is disabled Page: ERR-61036 Receiver err_not found in deleteXlog() Page: ERR-6103a Receiver err_not_found in updateXlog() Page: ERR-610CF The transaction table size of the replication does not match Page: ERR-610D2 The primary key column count of the replicated table does not match Page: ERR-610a0 Sender Stopping REP1 sender thread Page: ERR-61113 A replicated table must have a primary key. Page: ERR-71015 cmERR_ABORT_SELECT_ERROR Failed to invoke the select() system function Page: ERR-91013 The query was too long the maximum length is 65536 Page: ERR-9102B utERR_ABORT_Token_Value_Range_Error Token value length overflow. Maximum token length=0%d. Column =1%s, Value=2%s Page: ERR-91044 Error occurred during data file IO. Page: ERR-A100C Conversion not applicable Page: ERR-A1013 Calculation stack overflow Page: ERR-0104E The property XXX is read-only Page: ERR-110F0 Unable to extend the tablespace (SYS_TBS_MEM_DIC) because the database would be larger than MEM_MAX_DB_SIZE(12582912K) Page: ERR-41041 Another SYSDBA session is already running Page: ERR-51014 Function sequence error Page: ERR-5104D Connection timeout Page: ERR-51067 Neither PORT_NO in the connection string or ALTIBASE_PORT_NO environment variable are set Page: ERR-51192 The call to getaddrinfo() failed. The host name or service may be unknown Page: ERR-61000 The received record was not found in the database Page: ERR-6100C rpERR_ABORT_RP_RECEIVER_NOT_FOUND The receiver does not exist Page: ERR-1102A Tablespace node not found